Mind Your Business: Resiliency is Ascending on the Agenda!

August 12th, 2012

It’s no secret that many organizations are lean and people are handling more and more responsibilities as units shrink and contract to maintain effectiveness in today’s tough economic environment. Even the organizations that we know that are in growth mode are in hyper growth mode—doubling in size and revenue year over year. While those two descriptors may define the tails of the bell-shaped curve, there are many people who would say that current conditions at work and at home have them just a tad frazzled. As a matter of fact, the APA reports that 39% of respondents to their yearly stress survey reported increased stress last year. It is not surprising that Resiliency is becoming an important goal for many organizations.

The costs of that stress are enormous. WebMD estimates the cost of stress to be approximately $5000 per employee per year in healthcare and engagement costs (over $3 billion in the US each year). A recent study by Korn Ferry found that 90% of leaders were let go due to physical or emotional conditions that impaired their leadership effectiveness. And leaders aren’t the only ones being affected; job stress and worker intensification is the number one source of employee dissatisfaction according to Gallup.

So what’s a well intended person or organization to do?

Seven Factors that Enhance or Build Resiliency

You can test yourself against the seven primary factors that help enhance resiliency in both individuals and organizations by following this link and completing the quiz.

Get Free Resiliency Resources! Once you’ve completed the self assessment, drop us an email noting the areas where you’d like some help and we’ll send a set of practices for both the individual as well as the organization.