Mindful Musings

August 11th, 2012

Memorable words spoken by others, quotations, often lift our mood or validate a belief. They can do more. They can guide us in solving complex problems or in making significant life changes.

This column offers quotes about mindfulness. Since mindfulness is the capacity to absorb the depth and breadth of the present moment, giving it your full attention; we suggest the following mindful approach to engaging with the quote that follows:

1. Sit quietly and reflect on the words. Listen deeply to the quote.

2. What can you learn from it from a mind, body, and spirit perspective? 

a. How does your body feel/respond? What does that tell you? 

b. What comes to mind? What do you want to do? 

c. What difference can it help you make? What’s the relevance to your work as a leader?

Between stimuli and the response, there is a space and in that space lies our power and our freedom.
– Victor Frankl








Many leaders have told us that mindfulness helps them be more intentional in choosing priorities and actions. What does it do for you? Let us know. Have a quote you’d like to see featured, please send it to us.