Mindful Leadership Solutions

Mindful leadership is a studied science. It involves the capacity to be accepting, curious, and humble in ways that enable you to selflessly and compassionately connect with others to bring about the best and promote deep and lasting levels of change. At its core it is grounded in the ability to be aware, accepting, and open to ongoing experience which provides for greater insight, courage, connection, understanding and potential. Mindful leaders have high expectations and are tenacious in their desire to make a difference. Combine that with their astute understanding of dynamics—personal, interpersonal and organizational—and you have the keys to deep and lasting change, relationships, and results. Mindful leadership entails a whole new set of leadership practices related to everything from strategy and change to feedback and innovation that are more engaging, empowering, and potent. Mindful Leadership makes an indisputable difference on the bottom line.

Mindful leadership skills are essential in today’s challenging work environment. As the rate and pace of change continues to accelerate and challenges become more complex, leaders who see the big picture, as well as understand the subtleties and nuances, will thrive. Mindful leaders can be decisive, while at the same time exploring a myriad of options. They can inspire others to take action, while encouraging professional autonomy. As demands for performance and productivity rise and the resources to meet those demands remain the same or dwindle, managers at every level must fine tune their ability to be more mindful.

Mindful leaders are:

  • Accepting, curious, and humble: Able to connect with others in ways that bring about deep and lasting change, relationships, and results.
  • Masters of change: Able to embrace uncertainty, tolerate ambiguity, make wise decisions in turbulent times, and be tenacious in their desire to make a difference.
  • Attentive and aware: Able to recognize nuance and weak signals that may portend something bigger down the road and constantly curious in seeking out and understanding the variety of factors that impact any situation—they see what others don’t, won’t, or take for granted.
  • Gifted listeners and courageous conversationalists: Able to interact with people and systems in ways that enable the whole to be flexible, agile and adaptive.
  • Creative: Curious learners and dedicated teachers who tap into a wide expanse of resources, both internal and external, to test and experiment their way into the future.
  • Advocates for a better future: This is something that goes beyond emotional intelligence. It involves a tremendous human capacity to ignite hope and passion in self and others, respond appropriately to challenges, and create sustainable practices and organizations.

So, how do leaders become more mindful? We are glad you asked! Most of our clients want to know if we teach people how to relax, meditate, reach elevated states of consciousness, or use new-age spiritual practices.

The ability to remain open, relaxed and aware is only one aspect of mindfulness. AND, yes, we teach leaders a variety of proven, easy to adopt techniques for doing just that. However, we also give them practical and powerful tools and techniques that have been proven to enhance bottom line results.

Check out the Mindful Leadership Worksuite ,a proprietary bundle of services is designed to enhance both the mindfulness of organizations and leaders, using five components that guarantee measureable results.

Meet a few of the mindful leaders we helped to develop.