Leadership Consulting

Our consulting services are tailored to meet the needs of enterprise-level leaders. In addition, we help senior and executive leaders identify and capture emerging opportunities, solve complex problems and overcome current challenges. Our extensive listing of services includes Future Business Planning, Leadership Transitions, Leadership Retreats and Interventions for Organizational Effectiveness.

All Take Charge Consulting services are specifically designed to help organizations:

  • Develop innovative strategies and improvement solutions
  • Maximize the potential of change and transition
  • Involve and inspire the greater organization
  • Provide measurable results, quickly

Breakthrough Change planning

With the world changing at an alarming rate, traditional methods of planning are often neither fast nor flexible enough to keep pace with market changes . Organizations tend to do one of two things when it comes to planning. They either spend too much time planning to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Or, they try to force-fit old plans into new realities. In both cases, business plans become ineffective, the lack of progress becomes frustrating and long-term success is compromised.

Take Charge’s 1.5 day Breakthrough Change planning session helps organizations alleviate this problem. The sessions are built on critical organizational performance data, and use action-oriented processes that engage large segments of the organization in planning, enabling them to move forward with speed, clarity and accountability. The process inspires enthusiasm and involvement. It also offers a thoughtful, yet streamlined approach to planning that dramatically improves the way organizations do business.

This four-phase planning process includes:
Phase 1 – Data Gathering
Phase 2 – Plan Formulation
Phase 3 – Implementation
Phase 4 – Measurement of Results

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Managers Transition and Transformation Service Package

Tips, training, coaching and access to experts to help you and your managers lead during time of significant change and upheavel.

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Leadership Transitions

Aside from the need to adopt to a rapidly changing external environment, many organizations also face key internal challenges. Executives and key leaders assume new positions, departments are combined or dismantled, and systems and policies are changed and/or realigned. During these transitional periods, productivity decreases, while miscommunication, power-plays, and stress impede the implementation of change.

Take Charge’s transition workshops for key leaders and staff can significantly reduce transition time, accelerate the implementation of change and combat decreased productivity.

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Leadership Retreats

Looking for a leadership retreat for teams as small as five or as large as 250? Take Charge’s retreats are designed to get real business results. Whether an organization’s objective is to develop an action plan, refocus the priorities of a single department, strengthen relationships with key stakeholders or improve market position, a Take Charge retreat can help guarantee success.

Take Charge retreats are designed and led by experienced facilitators, and are structured to:

  • Identify objectives/needs and measures of success
  • Plan an event that is engaging and productive
  • Provide materials and experiences that are appropriately targeted to audiences
  • Address both external and internal demands and challenges
  • Get desired results, including a team that is stronger, more aligned, committed and accountable

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Interventions for Organizational Effectiveness

Take Charge has helped countless clients achieve significant cultural change, strengthen leadership, enhance both quality and productivity, repair customer relationships, merge departments and adapt to organizational changes. What makes our interventions both unique and highly successful is the degree to which we work in partnership with clients to achieve these results.

The Take Charge process includes five stages:

  1. Partnership Development – Identification of desired outcomes, clarification of roles and definitions of success and desired outcomes
  2. Diagnosis – Collection of information needed to shape a sound strategy, including the current level of buy-in and commitment, driving forces that will help promote the effort and identification of barriers and obstacles
  3. Development of Strategy – Identification of strategies/interventions that build on an organization’s strengths, reduce resistance and maximize involvement
  4. Strategy Implementation – Consulting and/or training assistance that complements internal efforts in order to insure timely implementation and project success
  5. Follow-up and Renewal – Assistance with long term tools and strategies that maintain success and ensure continual improvement

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