Peer Coaching

Nimble organizations require trusting relationships and collaboration. Peer coaching is an ideal way to build that environment. Imagine if people inside your organization regularly relied on the coaching skills of listening, questioning, providing feedback and feed-forward, building confidence, action planning and debriefing all while working with one another. Personal and business growth, creativity, productivity, and transformation would be just a few of the natural consequences.

We help organizations build that kind of environment through a combination of organizational assessment, professional coaching, and the delivery of focused skill-building sessions that help your employees and your entire organization to:

  • Identify and develop the skills and techniques necessary to build and sustain a supportive, trusting environment.
  • Use the techniques of professional coaches to encourage discovery, clarify and align objectives, promote sound, creative solutions and strategies, and encourage accountability for actions and results.
  • Communicate, plan, strategize and work together in ways that are more personally fulfilling, professionally challenging, and financially rewarding.

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