Leadership Coaching

It makes sense that the best leadership coaches are those that have been in a leadership role themselves. At Take Charge, this is a prerequisite. Each and every Take Charge coach understands the organizational and leadership challenges that leaders face, because they have all served as front line, mid- and senior-level managers in both Fortune 500 Companies and Federal Agencies. They are masters of discovery, and bring extensive knowledge in strategic, operational, interpersonal, leadership and change domains to each coaching assignment.

Take Charge leadership coaching encourages leaders to:

  • Dream big, imagine the unimaginable, and define challenging plans for transformation
  • Invent a future, capture opportunities and build essential relationships
  • Develop breakthrough goals
  • Be purposeful and values-driven, customer oriented and bottom-line focused
  • Do the right thing, especially when it’s tough

Our coaching services have been show to produce measurable and statistically significant changes in both leader behavior and employee engagement.

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