Take Charge views coaching as a convergent process: one that focuses on small issues as well as large, the work at hand and the work of the future and on people, as well as the business results to which they are contributing. Each coaching assignment is unique, and varies according to the needs of the individual or group being served, the challenges they face and the interaction between leader and coach.

Take Charge’s coaching services are designed to target all levels of leadership, as well as intact and cross-functional teams. Our primary objectives for coaching are to:

  • Listen, guide, inspire and help others discover their hidden potential and a myriad of possibilities
  • Encourage others to experience the future that they wish to create: to own it, and identify the roads that will take them there
  • Use questioning techniques that promote reflection and encourage deep learning, not only about leadership and competencies, but also relationships, work and life
  • Build on professional and personal strengths to improve performance levels
  • Share and model our belief that all individuals, teams and organizations have the ability to be great

Our basic coaching process entails:

  • A kick off meeting to review background information, as well as future needs and challenges that become the basis for coaching goals and outcomes.
  • Contracting to identify priority areas to target for focus, support and development
  • A multi-faceted exploration of issues, challenges and opportunities through discussions, Socratic and deep reflective questioning, and at times, surveys and assessments
  • Strategic development of a plan that identifies critical issues, obstacles, essential behaviors necessary for success, time lines and desired results
  • Progress reviews, candid feedback, reality testing, and practice with new approaches, skills and behaviors during implementation of the developmental plan
  • A continual learning process that promotes self-development and creates feedback loops with critical others to ensure an on-going progress