Measurement Of Results

We work with you to ensure each project starts with a clear understanding of designed outcomes, impacts and results—and then work to make sure we deliver. Recent projects have provided results that include the following:

    • 86% of attendees at a Take Charge Consultant’s leadership development program took steps to enhance workplace effectiveness, improve stakeholder relationships, and/or enhance customer satisfaction with quantified results.
    • A recent study showed that managers who were coached by Take Charge achieved a greater increase in their employee engagement scores than their non-coached counterparts. Managers who were coached improved employee engagement scores by an average of 0.36 points. Their non-coached counterparts improved by an average of 0.06. In addition, managers who were coached achieved improvement in every item with improvement ranging from 0.12 to 0.55. The survey utilizes a 5 point scale.
    • 94% of attendees (as well as their managers) who recently completed the Take Charge training and coaching in Accountability report seeing themselves as more accountable and better able to hold others accountable.
    • A prominent magazine moved from imminent demise (-$750,000 profit to $2M profit in two years) while also becoming the fastest-growing magazine in its niche as a consequence of Take Charge’s Future Business Planning services.
    • 88% of managers who attended a recent Take Charge Consultant’s leadership development class reported increased capacity in building high performance teams and organizations as well as greater levels of engagement, involvement and buy-in; improved teamwork and relationships; improved individual and organizational performance.
    • A recent action learning team provided process changes and training that resulted in $250,000 in savings per year.

We promise you results. If you’re interested in ensuring measurable bottom line results as a consequence of your development, consulting, or coaching efforts, look no further than Take Charge.