Case Histories

Sunset Publishing: Subsidiary of Time, Inc.

The Client: Sunset Publishing Corp is a subsidiary of Time, Inc., located in Menlo Park, CA.1990.
The Challenge: Sunset Magazine, the primary offering of the company is a well-established profitable publication. When Barb Newton joined the firm as president, she wanted energize the staff and to position sunset for the future.
How the Challenge was met: We retained Take Charge Consultants, Inc. They designed a future business planning session that enabled senior leaders to analyze market trends, internal processes and results, and position Sunset for the future. As consequence of the session, we:
  • Redesigned our magazine
  • Revitalized a relatively complacent workforce
  • Opened two additional regional markets
  • Restructured the entire operation to be more streamlined and cost effective
  • Initiated process improvement that resulted in substantial savings
  • Increased magazine readership by 20% within the first year

Outcome: During the two-day future business planning off-site facilitated by Take Charge, we forged a new path forward that grew the business and engaged and aligned the team.

Why Take Charge? We selected Take Charge Consultants to assist us with this important initiative based on a 25 year history with them. Their Future Business Planning Process builds buy-in, engages participants and results in measurable outcomes.