Case Histories

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: Benefits Administration Payment Department (BAPD)

The Client: BAPD is a division of the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation which is responsible for actuarial review and payments of pension plan acquired and managed by the Federal government. The BAPD division is made up of 1200 technical and administrative employees, primarily based in Washington DC.

The Challenge: There was an urgent need, driven by the BAPD executives, to enhance and develop leadership skills at all levels within the organization. The desired goals were to meet and exceed the standards outlined in the new BAPD leadership competency model and to ensure that leadership succession plans were in place and adequate to manage an anticipated drain of leadership talent due to retirement and attrition order to position the business for long term success.

How the Challenge was met:

  • Each leader completed a 360 Assessment, was assigned an individual coach, and created and implemented an Individual Development Plan
  • Developed and delivered enterprise-wide workshops based on the BAPD Leadership Competency Model, the results of the gap analysis, individual coaching assessments, and facilitated focus groups. Skills taught included; Strategic Problem Solving; Tools for Team Building; Effective Communication; Strategic Relationships; Conflict Management and Leadership Influencing. A full tool kit with models, tools, and sample documents was provided to participants in each workshop.
  • Implemented Action Learning teams, individual development plans and senior leadership coaching and mentoring which enabled BAPD to build and retain institutional knowledge over the long term.
  • Engaged team leaders, assistant division manager, division manager and director at offsite business simulation during their leadership conference applying the tools and techniques taught in both the workshops and individual coaching.
  • Conducted Impact Analysis measuring the tangible benefits the individual, the team and the organization.

Outcome: Impact Study showed the following results from the coaching & skill building workshops:

  • 100% of the leaders surveyed stated that they used knowledge gained from the Leadership Development Program (LDP) process to promote accountability and ownership, 94% with good and concrete results
  • 95% stated as a direct result of the LDP they are stronger leaders
  • 95% said they used self-refection based on the 360 assessment, the coaching process and or participation of the workshops with 78% taking action with positive results.

Why Take Charge: According to the Division Manager Nicole Williams, “The Action Learning team process promoted adaptability and accountability- one significant result was we built more realistic work plans.”