Case Histories

Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company

The Client: Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company, a Midwest based professional liability insurance company.

The Challenge: To move out of a period of instability to gain market share and increase revenue.

How the Challenge was met: In partnership with the President and the Chairman of the Board, Take Charge led the senior management team, key Board members, and eventually the entire Board in a four phase Strategic Business Planning project to:

  • Gather data and interview stakeholders about critical business issues to develop a base of information that enabled all to have a comprehensive understanding of strategic opportunities and challenges.
  • Engage in Strategic Business Planning meetings that:
    • Updated a ten year old mission statement and developed a meaningful Statement of Strategic Vision
    • Assessed the competitive landscape and clarified product, service, market and customer priorities
    • Determined strategic objectives, strategic initiatives, and the resources and capabilities needed to implement
  • Plan for implementation by developing strategic project plans with well thought out work breakdowns, realistic timing, clear responsibilities, and accurate assessments of resources required.
  •  Adopt processes and procedures to measure and assess progress and make needed adjustments.

Outcome: The company has embarked on multi-year arc of growth that includes investing in enhanced capabilities in pricing, competitive intelligence, product management, underwriting and marketing while continuing to provide high value products delivered with exemplary service and integrity.

Why Take Charge: The Chairman of the Board wrote: ” …both the Board and senior management are more united, better equipped with a common sense of direction, and more enthusiastic about their individual and collective roles than at any time during the five years I have served as a Director. Thank you for your strong leadership and experienced encouragement during the entire strategy planning project.”