Case Histories

Internal Revenue Service

The client: Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury. It is one of the world’s most efficient tax administrators, collecting over $2 trillion in revenue and processing over 200 million tax returns a year.
The Challenge: To prepare front-line managers with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be confident results-focused mid-level leaders.
How the Challenge was met: Take Charge and the IRS worked together to design the Department Manager Readiness Program (DMRP) a 9-month developmental strategy that starts with an in-depth, two-week leadership development workshop; is followed by on the-job-application, developmental opportunities, and continued self-development; and closes with a one-week followup workshop that builds additional skills and captures lessons learned.
Outcomes: The program utilizes several different measurement strategies to capture measures across the four basic Kirkpatrick levels. A sampling of those outcomes include the following:


  • 98+% of participants state satisfaction with course content
  • Roughly 86-88% of participants report being able to apply core course content in order to make a marked and measurable difference on the job.
  • Change projects implemented as a consequence of the DMRP developmental experience have provided measurable concrete returns including increased quality levels, decreased inventory, implementation of nation-wide improvement projects, and decrease time/labor expenses. Results from just one project in a recent class provided savings of over $250,000 per year in labor costs along with a significant reduction in inventory.

Why Take Charge? Take Charge has a proven track record—having assisted IRS with leadership development efforts for decades. They are a name and brand we know, trust, and can count on to deliver.