Certification & Training Programs

We offer four core certification programs designed to equip internal staff with the skills, competencies, and resources necessary to serve their organizations.  All sessions are provided at the client’s site for groups of between 6 and 18 people.

Change Rules!

This intensive three-day program has been used by organizations to equip everyone from change novices to HR specialists and project management black belts with the skills and know-how to serve as internal change agents and/or facilitators.

The first two days of the program involve skill building and provide people with a working understanding of the stages of organizational change and the tools and strategies associated with each stage. The final day consists of an intensive simulation where participants have the opportunity to apply skills and strategies and earn their certification.

We are so confident in this program’s ability to better equip key leaders in your organization with their change challenges that it comes with a money back guarantee!

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Facilitator Certification

This customized three – to seven-day program has been used by organizations, both large and small, to build the skill necessary to assist people with the design of meetings and their facilitation. Certified facilitators have been called on to assist with everything from staff meetings to employee engagement meetings to labor-union negotiations and everything in between. Attendees have ranged from HR specialists to project managers and executives.

An ancillary benefit of having your own cadre of certified meeting facilitators is that the tools and techniques they bring to meetings begin to permeate the way people in your organization do business. You’ll see an improvement in the way people handle differences of opinion, in the way they interact to problem-solve on the job and in their ability to address conflict. The payoffs go well beyond meeting management and drop directly to the bottom line!

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Teambuilding Certification

A two-day session that equips your organization’s internal resources with everything needed to make ongoing teambuilding a standard way of doing business in your organization. In just three days, your internal experts can have everything needed to bring high-quality teambuilding to your teams. The process includes a standard team survey that highlights team strengths and areas for focus, a standard one-day teambuilding agenda that can be modified to meet the needs of each unique team, a set of tools and activities guaranteed to both engage your teams and provide results, AND everything needed to custom design a half-day follow-up session. You can provide ongoing services to a team for years without duplicating activities. Best yet, you can offer the same capabilities to every team in your organization.

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In just three days, we will bring nearly 35 years of experience in training development, design, and presentation to your organization to certify a group of in-house trainers. At the close of this intense workshop, participants will be able to design and deliver training to build supervisory/management skills, improve team work, master new products, procedures and or technologies, meet compliance regulations, or meet any other developmental needs you may encounter.

An additional benefit of employee development is that employee loyalty is driven by a focus on employees and providing them with learning and development opportunities. Engaged, motivated employees are more likely to stay in their jobs – even when the economy is booming.

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