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September 16th, 2010


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Take Charge Consultants, Inc. Joy Rules! 30 Lessons to Help Leaders Harness Heart Power at Work


Filomena Warihay, Ph.D



Coatesville, PA – Take Charge CEO and published author, Filomena D. Warihay, Ph.D., has won the 2010 Readers Favorite Gold Medal for her book Joy Rules!30 Lessons to Help Leaders Harness Heart Power at Work. Her book was chosen as a favorite in the non-fiction business category. Along with a gold medal seal for her books, Fil is also invited to an awards banquet in Las Vegas to celebrate her books success.
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“It sounds a little crazy, I know. Yet, thirty years of first hand exposure to all kinds of organizations has proven for me that the company that has the most fun, makes the most money! It takes a special kind of leader to engage, enthuse, excite and bring out the best in people – one who is authentic, upbeat, caring while at the same time challenging and who can laugh out loud – especially at him or herself. My message to leaders has always been do what you love, love what you do and do it with love. Why shouldn’t work be joyful? Joy is the driving force, the heart power of high performing organizations,” notes Filomena.

Warihay’s book proves the correlation between joy in the workplace and productivity. Joy Rules! 30 Lessons To Help Leaders Harness Heart Power At Work is written in an upbeat, informative and humorous style. It offers 30 insightful and inspiring lessons for business leaders, among them: leaders should be self confident and willing to laugh at themselves, not be afraid to put themselves on the same level as other workers, and it’s always easier to get workers to produce by offering them rewards, rather than threats.

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Take Charge Consultants, Inc., has a 33-year proven history providing leadership development and consulting services that build mindful leaders—that is, leaders who transcend previous performance levels, establish strong, productive relationships, maximize business results and successfully navigate complex environments. Filomena D. Warihay, Ph.D., and Daniel N. Kanouse, Ph.D., founded the firm, in1977. The company’s web site is Take Charge is headquartered in Coatesville, PA, with offices in Harrisburg and Royersford, PA; Richmond, VA; and Ft. Myers, FL.