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Just In! Are You a Workplace Bully?

August 17th, 2017

What’s hot?

Bullying in the Workplace: – How to Survive, Heal and Rebuild your Life,” by Katrina Cavanaugh, should give pause to anyone who has ever been advised to back off, tone it down, be more respectful, or told, “you offend people.”  There is a difference between holding people to high standards and humiliating them. Cavanaugh’s book offers advice to those who may be subjected to disrespectful, negative treatment on-the-job.

So what?

Bullying is estimated to cost organizations $250 million annually in expenditures related to health care, litigation, employee turnover, and retraining. If you have been told you are too aggressive, demeaning or bullying, pay attention!

What to do?

Just in case you are not sure what constitutes bullying, avoid any behaviors that cause people to feel that they are:

  • Not sure of what the “rules” are, but they get in big trouble when they break one – frequently the repercussions are public (and often do not match the infractions).
  • Treated disrespectfully, condescendingly, embarrassed, humiliated, or threatened.
  • Put down when they try to share an idea.
  • Ambushed – not sure of what they are experiencing.
  • Subtly disrespected – such as being ignored or belittled – or reported to be “dumb,” “slow,” or “stupid” to others.

If you demonstrate any of the above behaviors, STOP IT! You are putting your career at risk (the least of which is being subject to disciplinary measures) and costing your organization BIG TIME!

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