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Just In! Are you on Your way to Obsolescence? (hint: we all are)

October 28th, 2020













What’s hot?     

Experiencing any of the following:  Fruitless pursuit of strategies that are yielding the minimal returns of yester year, market shifts or fads that have you spinning or sinking, or fundamental operating assumptions that just are pulling the same return as times past?  Obsolescence* may be (probably is) a’knockin’.

So what?          

The COVID pandemic has brought threatened obsolesce to the door of many businesses causing them to question their basic theory of business (what they provide, who they serve, and how to bring their products and services to market)**.  Failure to act and to act with a degree of decisiveness may well be the nail in your coffin (no Halloween pun intended).

What to do?       

One of the strategies recommended by Peter Drucker* is to check the fit between the environment, your mission, and core competencies to make sure your basic business theory still fits today’s reality.

We found something similar when conducting research with CEOs and COOs about the current covid pandemic.  Here’s a snippet of those findings and how you might want to begin thinking about your future.



















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**Take Charge Consultants, Inc. (2020).  What the Future Holds: The impact of the current Covid-19 pandemic on U.S. organizations over the next 2-5 years [white paper].

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