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March 25th, 2020















What’s Hot?

Leaders need to be simultaneously decisive and inspirational even though these two aims are often at odds.

So What?

“Management Today, Championing British Business” reports that leaders – in  their attempts to be both decisive and inspirational – must guard against a shoot from-the-hip style of communicating that can diminish employee enthusiasm and motivation.

What to do?

Here is “Management Todays” advice about a few of the worst things leaders can say along with what we recommend saying instead:

  1. When you want ideas from people don’t start with your ideas. Instead, encourage others to give theirs and listen.
  2. Avoid use of the phrase “It won’t work.” Instead, ask “How will that work?”
  3. Don’t brandish slogans. Avoid saying things like “we are a family-oriented company” if in reality weekend work is the norm and employees feel threatened when they are unable to comply.  Or, don’t talk about being customer-centric when reps are not permitted to resolve simple problems on the spot.

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