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Just In! Time for your remote team’s 3-month checkup

July 1st, 2020











What’s Hot?

An HBR survey of over 275 managers about how they are coping with Covid-19 reveals a lack of clarity about their team’s role in the leadership agenda, fading interpersonal connections due to remote work, low motivation, and overwhelming workloads.

So What?

Pressure on teams will continue for the foreseeable future as companies shift their focus to if, how and when to return employees to the office setting.  In the interim, unclear missions, inconsistent social norms, low common identity, and unclear roles are a recipe for team disasters. Lack of clarity and connection result in inefficient, unproductive teams of disconnected, sometimes disgruntled, members.

What to do?

If your teams are struggling to operate, it is time to take stock:

  1. Reassess your team’s purpose.  What do customers/clients need most? What is the best delivery mechanism? What has become more important/less important?
  2. Review roles and interdependencies.  How have individual roles changed? What do team members need from each other and from other teams?
  3. Strengthen communication.  Build in opportunities for team members to convey what they are thinking, planning, and initiating.
  4. Emphasize connectivity.  Initiate creative virtual gatherings – luncheons, happy hours, personal celebrations.
  5. Continue career goal discussions.  Working from home shouldn’t deter or diminish personal learning and growth goals.

Contact us now to conduct a team check-up to assess the health of your teams and ensure their continued high performance and productivity.

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