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Just In! Ticked at Your Boss? Look Inside

December 14th, 2017


What’s hot?


Ina Catrinescu, writing for, reports that when you get ticked at your boss, it is because the boss reminds you of the untapped leader within you.

So what?


Blaming your leader deprives you of an opportunity to affirm your own leadership.  Catrinescu says it as “like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”  She describes leadership as a three-stage evolutionary process:

  1. Adversity
  2. Growth
  3. Pay it forward


What to do?

  1. View those occasions when your boss gets under your skin as a form of
  2. To grow, ask yourself “what does this trigger in me?” Be merciless.  Examples:
    • Are you frustrated because your boss won’t make a decision? Ask yourself:  How decisive have I been relative to the situation?
    • Are you angry because your boss is exercising more control than you want? Ask yourself: How important is it for me to be in control?
    • Are you in pain because your boss won’t confront someone about a situation that is impacting you negatively? Ask yourself:  How good am I at confronting difficult situations?
  3. To pay it forward, keep in mind that every situation you face comes with choices. When someone irritates you, you can choose to view it as a catalyst.  Instead of playing the victim and blaming, you can face what you see in the mirror and act to affirm your own leadership.

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