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Just In! Three strategies for helping managers manage employee stress

August 26th, 2020









What’s hot?

The APA* recently sent out a stress update.  Covid-19 continues to take its toll on mental health.

  • People are more frustrated (up to 40% from 31% a month ago)
  • More scared (up to 24% vs 16% a month ago)
  • And downright angry (up to 31%, a 7-point climb over the same period last month)
  • And 58% of US adults would like more info about how to keep them and/or their families healthy as the nation reopens

So what?          

Not long before Covid-19, leadership experts where touting the need for the “soft skills” so that leaders could help people cope with significant, complex, ongoing change.  Now those soft skills are needed to help employees deal with issues once dropped at the feet of HR professionals. 

What to do? 

  • Get creative about how you can meet the needs of your employees.  Now is the time for flextime, job share, part-time, allowing people to “gig” it, you name it.  Determine what you’ll do and make it as easy as possible for employees and managers to make the decisions necessary to stay physically and emotionally healthy.
  • Equip managers with:
    • Options and a high degree of autonomy in using them.
    • Talking points and probes so that they can begin to have the conversations necessary to meet people’s needs.
    • Skills to help employees define their challenges and explore options and to recognize when and how to recommend counseling, i.e. when to turn to HR for help.
  • Pay attention to the emotional health of your managers as well – else you fall prey to the classic dilemma where the shopkeeper’s children have no shoes.

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