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Just In! Survival IS the name of the game

July 8th, 2020











What’s hot?     

Survival is a key challenge for many organizations in the current and post Covid-19 world.

So what?          

Our research has highlighted five broad ways in which organizations have been impacted. Clarity about where you are can help focus energy and attention on what you need to do to shore up your future.

What to do?       

Identify your organization-type and use the information below to focus your thinking about strategy.  

Organization Type: Doing business as usual (or close to it)
Implement operational changes as your environment shifts
Helpful hint:
Watch for complacency.  Your world, too, is changing and will continue to change as vendors and partners come and go, the talent pool shifts, etc.

Organization Type:   Need to shift to/from remote in order to be back to business
Strategy:  Make necessary decisions re: remote vs onsite
Helpful hint:
Recognize the management and leadership skills needed to serve a workforce that is blended (on and off site) and supplemented/augmented with contractors and technology.

Organization Type: Sitting without customers or serving a weak/dying market
Strategy:  Mission shift. ID and implement significant change in what you do, who you do it for, or how you serve the market. 
Helpful hint:
Focus. Focus. Focus on one element of mission.  Too much change at your core can be your undoing.

Organization Type:  Experiencing significant upheaval – multiple, significant shifts in products/services, markets, and/or delivery models
Strategy:  Recreate / regenerate / transform
Helpful hint:
Get help from an expert partner

Organization Type:  Hero Orgs (providing 24×7 care/service/products while putting employees at risk during pandemic)
Strategy:  Provide post-op care (people first / changes later)
Helpful hint: Build on, build in, key strategies for employees to allow for agility, flexibility, and market responsiveness. Do so with the speed you displayed during the crisis.

Have good ideas and practices you can share based on where you’ve been and where you’re headed?  Please comment.

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