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Just In! Your Superpower is your Vulnerability

December 9th, 2020














What’s hot?      

The need for empathic leaders:  Learn how to tap into a little used skill.

So what?  

Many leaders convey empathy through generous listening and understanding. An aspect of empathy that is often disregarded is acknowledging the personal hardship that you and/or others are facing. One example is New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (political views aside), who has made a habit of sharing anecdotes about his family and other New Yorkers during his daily coronavirus press briefings.

What to do?      

You can do that as well by speaking to the emotional reality of the current situation. It is ok to share what keeps you awake at night, or your concern for the emotional impact on employees who are pulling double work and home responsibilities. It encourages people to move in a more generative direction rather than a despairing one.

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