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Just In! Stay Alert to Your Instincts

November 10th, 2021

What’s hot?     

Research suggests that we want to work with people with whom we feel comfortable – people who come across as friendly and trustworthy.*










So what?            

A common error in hiring decisions is to follow our natural preference for candidates with whom we feel comfortable. The danger is that it doesn’t tell if a person’s innate characteristics and abilities align with the job and corporate culture. 

What to do? 

  1. Interview for friendliness/trustworthiness and technical competencies.
  2. Don’t hire or promote if one or the other is inadequate.
  3. Test for both skill sets by posing mini-scenarios that candidates would typically encounter on the job and asking how they would resolve the situation.
  4. Listen for candidates’ ability to communicate in a way that challenges the status quo and is focused on new ideas and efficiency as well as their ability to communicate in ways that would strengthen social ties and trust, and build friendly cohesion.

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* Daniel W. Newton, Melissa Chamberlin, Cynthia K. Maupin, Jennifer D. Nahrgang, Dorothy R. Carter. Voice as a Signal of Human and Social Capital in Team Assembly Decisions. Journal of Management, 2021.

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