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Just In! Start “Braving” to Demonstrate the Most Important Leadership Skills

October 12th, 2017


What’s hot?


A study of 195 leaders in 15 countries over 30 global organizations* revealed “High ethical and moral standards” and “Communicates clear expectations” as items #1 and #3 on a list of most important leadership traits.

So what?


These two characteristics are all about creating a safe and trusting environment. High ethical standards convey a commitment to constancy and fairness. And, leaders who clearly communicate their expectations avoid blindsiding people. They ensure clarity of focus and that everyone is on the same page. The two attributes combine to create a trusting, safe environment where employees can relax and invoke the brain’s higher capacity for engagement, innovation, creativity, and ambition.
Neuroscientists report that when our brain registers a threat to our safety we go into the fight or flight response which inhibits our creativity and drive for excellence. From that perspective, building trust to make people feel safe should be a major focus for leaders.

What to do?


Brené Brown, author of “Rising Strong,” “Daring Greatly,” and “The Power of Vulnerability,” and one of TED’s most popular speakers promotes BRAVING to establish trust. Here’s how:

• Boundaries: Set up parameters for what you will and won’t permit.
• Reliability: Do what you say and say what you mean.
• Accountability: Own up to your feelings, words and actions, rather than placing blame on others.
• Vault: Hold your tongue and only share information that is yours to share or that you have explicit permission to tell others.
• Integrity: Live according to your values.
• Non-Judgement: Speak your truth and allow others to do the same without making them or yourself wrong for it.
• Generosity: Assume that the other person has your best interest at heart and vice versa.

* “The Most Important Leadership Competencies According to Leaders from Around the World,” by Sunnie Giles, March 15, 2016

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