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Just In! Staff level employees feel more out of the loop than ever!

January 4th, 2018

What’s hot?

Addison Group recently released the results of its fourth annual Workplace Survey. This year’s survey focused on the lack of alignment between leadership and staff level employees.  One of the most distressing findings related to aspiring leaders:

Staff level employees are 36 percent less confident than senior leaders that they are adequately trained for the future.






So what?

The findings suggest a variance in how employees at different levels perceive their own influence within a company.  It was reported that only 6% percent of staff level employees perceive that speaking up will make a difference.

What to do?

Don’t look up and expect the organization to develop you. Take control of your own future. Engage in self-development activities to expand your leadership skills:

  • Read: subscribe to two or three publications that focus on innovation in leadership and provide comprehensive advice on how to advance your career such as:
  • Join professional associations: network and learn everything you can about your particular field.
  • Subscribe to instantaccess for leadership development lessons and resources that you can access anytime anywhere to build your skills on your own time at your own pace. Check out:


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