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Just In! Smarts Just Aren’t Enough

May 19th, 2021

What’s hot?      

In today’s chaotic business world, leaders need more than a good brain. They need wisdom.










So what?            

In order to develop others and the organization you must have more than a high IQ.  You need smarts plus a unique combo: role clarity and a strong identity, You need to be crystal clear about your role and your identify (who you are at the core: your strengths, limitations, your sense of honor, values, and purpose). The ability to differentiate and balance the two results in wisdom, the key to successful leadership.

What to do?       

  1. Love your role without falling in love with it. This allows you to survive the inevitable set-backs that all leaders face without getting emotional or suffering a sense of defeat.
  2. Be willing to cede power to get results. Know when to back off and let others take the lead.  Kick back and revel in their success.
  3. Practice mindfulness. Learn to see things (including yourself) as they are (without bias, prejudice, ego or assumptions). It enhances your ability to view things clearly without judgment.  It enables you to develop a deeper understanding of who you are as a whole person in relation to the world around you. As a consequence, you can play different roles without getting caught up in any one of them.

Wise leaders know the limits of smartness. They aim for wisdom – the ability to act with role clarity, humility, and intuition to be effective in their organizations and in life.

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