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Just In! The “Sink or Swim” approach drowns new managers

July 25th, 2019






What’s hot?

Eighty-seven percent of new managers feel frustrated, anxious and uncertain about their role.   It is no wonder that only 33% of leaders rate the quality of their frontline leadership as high!

So what?

Just a few of the costs of struggling front-line managers are increased use of sick leave, loss in productivity and high employee turnover. According to Timothy Judge, a U of FL management professor, there are additional costs that are not so easy to quantify. Judge’s study of the effect of bad managers revealed that when employees feel they are mistreated – when their supervisor is mean or rude – they get even.  Worker revenge includes actions like griping, gossiping, and stealing time, money or other resources.

What to do?

Take five actions guaranteed to help your front-line managers make one of life’s most challenging transitions.

  1. Provide them with a step-by-step guide for tapping into their existing skills to strengthen confidence.
  2. Offer easy to adopt actions to ensure they avoid acting like either an autocrat or a fellow team player and, instead, behave like a leader.
  3. Give them guidance related to how to build a strong partnership with their manager.
  4. Provide opportunities for them to connect and share progress with other new managers.
  5. Give them access to a coach/mentor.

Give your supervisors the help they need from day one with “Stepping Up to Supervision” a unique, powerful, action-oriented three-month process that results in a high success rate.  New managers engage in microlearning lessons that build the communication skills, confidence and competence necessary for on-the-job application. And, their transition is supported by expert advice and  group coaching.  A new session starts each month. Register your new supervisors here.

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