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September 2nd, 2020












What’s hot?

Wawa’s flagship store in Philadelphia is shutting its doors.

So what?          

That Wawa was once touted as an upscale mega store that combined murals, a living plant wall, large screen TVs, free wi-fi, and an upscale menu in addition to its signature hoagies and coffee to be enjoyed in a spacious lounge and café. According to a company press release, “long term plans for the store are no longer viable due to impact from the pandemic (less foot traffic) coupled with some operational uncertainties of today.

What to do? 

  1. Take a hard look.  Assess your pandemic impact and clearly identify today’s operational uncertainties.  What does that imply about your long-term plans?
  2. Make the hard decisions and determine next actions.  While other Wawa stores will remain operational, Wawa “continue[s] to respond to the new realities of the current situation…accelerating development of new on-the-go experiences and innovative store formats to serve our communities in new and better ways. We are expanding delivery, curbside ordering and pick-up, testing drive-thru and will be introducing other new digital conveniences.”

The time to plan for the future is now. Your challenge as a leader is to make that happen while making the hard decisions about current operations and keeping what’s needed afloat. In today’s environment, delaying the tough decisions simply serves to narrow your choices and allow the pandemic choke hold to takeaway your breath, attention and energy.

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