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Just In! Sell Yourself as a Manager When You’ve Never Been One

September 28th, 2017

What’s hot?


According to a Harvard Business Review online article*, there are ways to get that management position even though you lack managerial experience.

So what?


It takes more than being alert to openings and communicating your interest to land your first management job. You must adopt the belief that you don’t get promoted based on potential – you get promoted based on proven capabilities.

What to do?


Three proven ways to develop management capabilities and boost your leadership career:

1. Conduct informal research. Ask successful managers in your organization:

• What are the 2-3 most important qualities you look for when filling management positions?
• What skills do I need to demonstrate to become a manager?
• How can I best demonstrate them?

2. Manage and measure your own work. Develop project plans, assume the role of project manager (follow up with others to ensure you meet your milestones), keep all informed of progress and potential set-backs (and what you plan to do to address them). Supply the metrics that support your progress.

3. Look and act like a manager. Since people judge you (consciously or not) based on how you look – dress for the job you want. And, because people judge you by your actions (not your thoughts or intentions) – act like a manager. Be accountable. Step up and take on the tough jobs. Leadership is action.

*HBR online, September 2016, by Anna Ranieri, MBA, Ph.D., co-author of “Connecting the Dots: Telling the Story to Advance Your Career.

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