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Just In! Scared to Death or to Life?

August 12th, 2020













What’s hot?     

There are more people who are afraid than not, reports Jennifer J. Fondrevay in Fast Company online, writing about leading through crises.

So what?          

When things are going great, people generally do well. When things start to melt down, fear is the operative emotion.  Today, people are afraid for their jobs and for their lives.

What to do?      

To reduce the anxiety that limits performance and tap into people’s natural desire to control their daily life managers can:

  1. Hold regular AMA (ask me anything) forums. Be straight with what you know and transparent about what is still being figured out. Don’t wait until you have all the answers before communicating. Convey the information in a realistic, yet optimistic tone.
  2. Recognize that people respond to crises differently. Some are very open about challenges and fears; others not so much.  Despite differences most people respond well to an empathetic ear. Listen to understand where each person is coming from.
  3. Have a plan A and contingency plan, but know when to stop planning. Focus on those things you can control and move beyond planning to act on them. Action, even if imperfect, provides a sense of control and helps displace fear.

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