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Just In! Remote Work = Frayed Social Connections

October 21st, 2020

What’s hot?

Communication and collaboration can increase productivity by 25-35%, yet 41% of workers don’t feel connected when working remotely*.

So what?  

The pivot to remote work has challenged leaders to find ways – beyond zoom happy hours – to avoid employee isolation and to maintain a positive corporate culture.











What to do?       

Borrow shamelessly from Anne Sheenan, director of Vodafone Business U.K, who instituted an informal program called “Sandwich with Anne.”  Twice a week, Sheenan invites 12 employees from different areas of the company to lunch. She sends an invitation and a sandwich to each person’s home. Then, they have a virtual lunch and talk for about an hour. Sheenan reports that it helps employees establish new connections beyond their immediate circle.

* Gartner ReimagineHR Employee Survey, fielded in 4Q19

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