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Just In! Put the Annual Review Process out of its Misery

June 6th, 2019

What’s hot?

Accenture, Adobe, GE, and IBM are only a few organizations that have abandoned the annual performance review.

So what?

The reasons sighted by most firms for ditching their annual performance appraisal process: Systems are tedious, time consuming, disliked by employees and managers alike and don’t improve performance.  One report claims “the annual performance review is a bogus and pretentious practice that should be put out of its misery.”







What to do?

Five ways to move beyond traditional annual performance reviews:

  1. Forget the obituary.  Instead of company-wide announcements announcing the demise of existing practices, find a couple of units that are willing to test a new approach.  Train people with quick, targeted, easy-to-adopt lessons that teach the core practices to hold ongoing discussions about progress toward agile goals.
  2. Provide opportunities for real-time practice and on-going reinforcement.
  3. Measure results.
  4. Identify champions – people who can help the rest of the organization adopt the new approach.
  5. Roll out to entire organization.

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