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Just In! Overworked or Burned Out?

September 8th, 2021










 What’s hot?    

An ExecOnline poll of thousands of US leaders reveals that 78% are moderately to extremely concerned about burnout within their organizations.

So what?

Burnout is NOT stress.   It is stress on steroids – extended anxiety that feels never ending, out of control, accompanied by feelings of emptiness, apathy and hopelessness.  Burnout is a serious mental condition that manifests itself in feelings of energy depletion, exhaustion, negativity or cynicism which often results in reduced efficiency and effectiveness. It is like any ailment – the sooner you diagnose and treat it, the better your chances of recovery.

What to do?       

  1. Recognize the following changes as symptoms (in yourself and others):
    • A shift from optimism to pessimism and negativity
    • Reduced energy
    • Lowered performance/effectiveness
    • Dramatic personality deviations. Examples: from careful, quality-driven to careless or from patient to short-tempered.
  1. Take Action:
    • Talk it out with a professional (a therapist, employee assistance professional, etc.) to identify the key drivers.
    • Identify what things can be dropped or put on the back burner.
    • Cut yourself (and others) some slack. Practice forgiveness – of self and others.
    • Identify what, in addition to time off, would enable you to recharge.
    • Tap into the power of appreciation. Grant it to yourself and to others
    • In addition to taking some time off, engage in activities that would be fun and regenerative.

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