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Just In! Organizational Change Can Drive Employees Out!

June 15th, 2017


What’s hot?


The 2017 Work and Well-Being Survey released by the American Psychological Association reveals that work-related changes are likely to result in chronic work stress, physical health symptoms at work, and a loss of trust in employers.

So what?


Survey respondents were compared with those who had no recent, current or anticipated change.  Just a few of the negative effects are provided below.  Respondent who reported recent, current or anticipated work-related change were:

  • Almost three times more likely to say they don’t trust their employer (34% vs 12% in the group that had not, was not or didn’t anticipate any work-related changes)
  • More than three times as likely to say they intend to seek employment outside the organization within the next year (46% vs. 15%)
  • More likely to feel cynical and negative toward others during the workday (35% vs. 11%)

Organizational change that is not well-managed can be very costly!

What to do?


Address the “Why?” – Communicate the reasons behind the change. Skepticism about the motives behind change often heighten employee stress and resistance.

  1. Allow – Give people an opportunity to discuss their concerns about change. When you listen carefully, you learn about pitfalls and barriers to implementation.
  2. Ask – Seek their ideas and their help to reduce the natural sense of loss and/or powerlessness.

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