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Just In! Message to Millennials: Manage Magnificently

June 1st, 2017


What’s hot?


Matt Norquist, a millennial who is president and CEO of Linkage, a global leadership development company, revealed important takeaways for young leaders in a recent Fortune on-line article.


So what?


It is easy to find guidance on how to manage millennials, but there’s a dearth of help on how to manage as one.


What to do?


Three of Norquist’s tips reinforce similar observations we’ve made while coaching millennial leaders:

Norquist says Our similar advice
Put down the phone and be present.  Avoid e-mails/texts and speak face to face –  especially when you would rather not (such as when  there is disagreement, performance falls short or  you are disappointed in results).


Don’t get defensive when provided – don’t try to be the smartest person in the room.  Rather than wait for feedback, actively seek it –  asking, specifically, for comments about what you  did or didn’t do.


Surround yourself with good people and let them do their jobs.  When people fall short, don’t fix it yourself in the  name of expediency – when you do, you deny them  a learning opportunity.


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