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Just In! The Magic of Workship

April 25th, 2019

What’s hot?

Workship! The capacity to tend to the task at hand with intense care, service and devotion (even love!).  The ability to bring one’s whole being to the task at hand—heart and head—all of your intellectual, emotional, physical, and psychological capacities—in an act of service.







So what?

A recent Gallop survey of 7,500 employees found that burnout is a common experience at work (with 23% reporting feeling burnout always or often and 44% reporting feeling burnout frequently). Burnout at its simplest is a psychological condition that is a consequence of an unhealthy relationship with work. The Gallop study highlighted five key causes – unfair treatment, unmanageable workload, lack of role clarity, lack of communication and support from one’s manager, and unreasonable time pressures– all which are influenced by management.

What to do?

Contrast that with workship – a relationships with work that is the opposite – compelling, energizing, important and emotionally, physically and psychologically fulfilling. And, something that can be created when managers:

  • Enable people to experience mastery – by developing the skills needed to achieve great things.
  • Promote accountability – accountability not just for delivering tasks and assignments, but for creating the kind of work environment that provides people the support and camaraderie that enables great things to happen.
  • Operate with, and encourage, courageous pursuit of something important (the vision, the goal, customer service, etc.).
  • Promote innovation and improvement. This goes beyond processes improvement and sigma activities.  At its core, it is a fundamental drive to be different as a group, as individuals, and in terms of what they are collectively working to create.
  • Ensure candor and honesty – not just about what can and can’t be done, but about what’s important both today and tomorrow, what people are passionate about, and what it means to be fair, ethical, hardworking and driven.

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