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Just In! Lead Like You Were Made to

July 6th, 2017


What’s hot?


Dr. Kelly Flanagan’s blog, Untangled, is a source of leadership inspiration.  Maybe it is because he writes about the human condition with such insight and wisdom that it is impossible to view his messages without applying them to the challenges of leadership.

In a recent post, Flanagan writes, “Somewhere along the way we decided vulnerability is weakness and we have banished it from the public square.  If a doctor admits doubt, they lose the confidence of everyone they serve.  When was the last time a politician admitted they were wrong before they were caught in the act?”

So what?


If you are doing it right as a leader, you will experience feelings of vulnerability.  When you let go of protecting and pretending and aiming for perfection, you can become the leader you already are.

What to do?


    • Let go of apprehension and listen to the voice of grace inside you to become aware of your creative impulse.


    • Take a chance on that new team member and trust him/her with a BIG project.


    • Ask people on your team “What am I doing that helps you do the best job possible? And “What am I doing that keeps you from doing the best job possible?”


  • Revisit that off-the-wall idea about how to improve something and leap!

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