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Just In! Do you Know When a Good Employee is About to Check Out?

October 2nd, 2019







What’s hot?

Employees quit 9 months after their engagement and loyalty to the organization start to suffer*.

So what?            

Retention is already a challenge – with most new hires staying less than 3 years.  The cost of recruiting and onboarding replacements stretches your financial and HR resources.

What to do?         

Know why people leave. According to research by Peakon*, there are four primary reasons:

  1. They leave for challenging work, not due to a challenging workload.
  2. They leave when they can’t discuss pay, not because they feel they’re under-rewarded.
  3. They leave managers, not colleagues, culture or the company.
  4. They leave when they don’t see a path for personal development.

Know how to create an environment that assures high retention. According to Take Charge, the most powerful action you can take is to ensure your managers have the skills and know how to:

  1. Ensure each person has challenging and meaningful work.
  2. Ask questions and provide appropriate responses using conversation starters that include “to what degree do you feel your work is valued” and “to what degree are you recognized for the good work that you do?”
  3. Empower employees to unleash their natural skills to reach their full potential. It is guaranteed to unleash passion and prompt commitment.
  4. Help people create learning goals, career paths, and plans – and actively support and encourage progress in those domains.

Need assistance in equipping your managers with the skills needed to slow attrition and ensure engaged, passionate, growth-focused employees?  Contact us.





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