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Just In! How to Inspire When Times are Dire

November 18th, 2020

What’s hot?      

Inspiring is a slow process, not a great speech. Engaging others is anything but a one-shot deal. BUY-IN TAKES TIME. LOTS (AND LOTS) OF.” — Tom Peters

So what?          

Inspiration is a challenge for today’s leader.  Remote teams – with competing family/work responsibilities, concerns about job security, a massive spike in COVID cases, and months of social distancing – are not easily inspired.











What to do?         

We suggest:

  1. A handwritten, snail-mailed letter to each person who reports to you, thanking him/her for a recent specific contribution, or
  2. A call to each person who reports to you to talk about how each of you are coping with daily challenges, or
  3. Invite each person (one at a time) along with their significant other to join you for a digital dinner. Have a gourmet meal delivered to them.  Acknowledge your team member’s specific contributions during your dinner conversation.

What have you done to meet the “inspiration challenge?”  Let us know, and we will report additional suggestions in a future blog.

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