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Just In! It’s all about talent

July 21st, 2021

What’s hot?     

CEO’s name “talent” a top 2021 challenge*.  One in four responses included attracting, hiring, retaining, developing, and engaging talent.









So what?  

  • 77% of those same CEOs expect company growth to be strong over the next 12 months. One third said “very strong;” half said “strong.” This kind of growth cannot be attained without talent.
  • Talent is becoming scarce! Nearly 4 million Americans left their jobs in April**, pushing the quit rate 24% higher than it was before the pandemic.

What to do? 

Continue to upgrade your recruiting and employee development efforts and pay extraordinary attention to existing talent.  Identify key contributors. Meet with them one-on-one to discuss their career goals, hopes, dreams and ambitions.  Learn what would make their jobs even more interesting and satisfying and convey your commitment to their long-term success.

Want to help your leaders communicate in ways that motivate, engage and develop a committed, high performing workforce? Contact us.

*Summer 2021 Fortune/Deloitte CEO Survey

** Bureau of Labor Statistics

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