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Just In! Is Your Zipper Down?

May 25th, 2017


What’s hot?

Kelly Flanagan, a clinical psychologist and author, just posted a blog about making an important video – perfectly – only to discover afterward that his zipper was down.

So what?

Flanagan goes on to say, “In the well-produced video we call life, for the most part we look like our zipper is up. But it’s not. It’s never up. We never have it all together.”

What to do?

  1. Stop wondering if you look like an imposter or fearing you are an imposter – the truth is you are! As a leader, you make it up as you go – if you are doing it right, you are walking around “with your zipper down” occasionally.
  1. Refuse to buy into the myth that everyone else has it together and that you are the only one who doesn’t. Release yourself from the burden.  It is liberating.  No more pressure.  No more proving.  Just accept that leadership requires you step into arenas where you must figure it out as you go.  It is ok to feel like you left the barn door open.  You are just doing your job.

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