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December 20th, 2018

What’s hot?

What a great time to start something new—at this time of year. ‘Tis the season we look to the past with fondness, the present with awe, and the future with great expectations.  It’s a rare time for many, a time where we actually stop to reflect, renew, restore, and re-create.

So what?

There’s a potent leadership lesson to be captured now and to be held throughout the year.  It’s the capacity to see the world anew.  We experience it when we reconnect with loved ones in ways that touch the very innermost of our being, when we look at wonderment upon a child, and when we stop to reflect and give thanks for all that is around us. The good news is that although that capacity is rare, it’s not inaccessible.

Imagine being touched by work relationships in the same way…with relationships rekindled and the opportunity to do good and produce something phenomenal once again before you.

What to do?

The beauty, power, and awe we experience this time of year can be ours year-round, if only we learn to live in the present.  You can increase your capacity to do that by building a few core skills:

  1. Naïve listening, a term coined by Tom Peters. The capacity to listen as if naïve; to put aside knowledge, bias, beliefs, concerns, hopes and other ego-driven needs and listen intently and openly to what the other is saying.
  2. Naïve seeing, to see the world anew, as it is in all its splendor—without wrapping it (or unwrapping it) with your biases, beliefs, or desire to understand and/or control it.
  3. Pure action—action with the intent of serving the other and looking for nothing in return. Action based on doing what is right and noble.

At a time when people long for the past and dream of the future, may you rejoice in a gift so perfect that it’s called the present.

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