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Just In! Improve Productivity with Great Advice from Those Who Have Been There, Done That

October 7th, 2017

What’s hot?

A panel of successful business entrepreneurs offer suggestions on how to boost productivity. *

So what?

Leaders at every level want to achieve more with less. And, although productivity challenges can be complex, a panel of British entrepreneurs offer suggestions that can be adopted by leaders at every organizational level.

What to do?

Three of their best ideas:

1. Adopt the “what gets measured, gets done” philosophy. Build metrics into all of your processes, projects and programs.

2. Don’t waste time on stuff that:

• You’re not good at. Instead, delegate so you can focus on opportunities to grow the business.
• You are good at, but shouldn’t be doing – things such as correcting the work of others rather than making it their responsibility.

3. Give people maximum responsibility and autonomy. Instead of waiting until they are “ready,” give them opportunities to prove that they are. When you give people full ownership from day one they are more inclined to work harder and put a lot of effort into their work.

*September 14, 2017

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