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Just In! A good day or a bad day? Depends upon the supervisor

August 8th, 2019

What’s hot?

A recent study by Woohoo found that two out of three people experience a bad day at work at least once a week.  That’s a day so bad that you go home thinking I don’t want to have any more days like that!





So what?

An amazing 75% of the factors that cause bad days are work-related and the top five (below) can be controlled or influenced by the supervisor!

  • A lack of help and support from my boss
  • Negative coworkers
  • Lack of praise or recognition for the work I do
  • Uncertainty about the workplace’s vision and strategy
  • Busyness / high work load  

What to do?

  1. Teach supervisors how to balance autonomy/support, caring/challenging, and listening/asking or tasking.
  2. Provide supervisors with the skills needed to deal with negative, resistant or otherwise challenging team members. It’s the dirty underbelly of group leadership that rears itself early and most supervisors aren’t given the skills to address it (which makes them a good target).
  3. Teach new supervisors the basics of how to recognize good work and link it to organizational goals and strategy (a primary motivator).

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