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Just In! The future’s just not as clear as it used to be

July 22nd, 2020









What’s hot?     

We are living through a period of uncertainty likely to be longer than most people think. Our recent research with CEOs and COOs shows that most are super clear on the short-term challenges (the next few months to a year).  Beyond that, the future gets pretty fuzzy.

So what?          

Strategic success requires paying attention to the current state with an eye toward the future.  Now more than ever, the ability to consider multiple future scenarios when planning is critical.

 What to do?       

Start with the list of potential futures uncovered by our CEO/COO research. Use them and your own beliefs about the future to envision likely scenarios that may drive your strategy, change and future.

  • The organization finally turns upside down in recognition of those at the “bottom” and the value they deliver
  • The workforce and organization are agile, collaborative, super lean, safety focused and dynamic
  • IT explodes and AI takes a strong foothold creating new ways to connect, deliver and serve
  • Leadership and power shift to be distributed vs hierarchical
  • Humanity evolves to be interdependent and less self-oriented
  • The economy transforms and our economic engine is rebuilt
  • We breakdown before we break through

Want to know more? Or curious about the short-term challenges?  Click here for the full research report.

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