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Just In! Find the superhero within

November 25th, 2020

What’s hot?













So what?          

John Younger, a Forbes contributor, highlighted six companies that are revolutionizing the freelance industry*.  Each business has catapulted their performance and growth based on a core strategic capability or superpower.  Here’s what you’ll find among their attributes:  vision (Weploy), managing a large and diverse talent platform (Workhoppers), enterprise teaming (Gigster), strategic clarity and focus (Urban), freelance talent development (Weem), community building (Adeva), and transformational vision (Talent Desk). 

What to do?       

Find and tap into your superpower as a leader and as an organization.  Trying times often have leaders and organizations grasping at straws as they work to find a way forward.  Step back. Reflect on your strategic capability or superpower and start anew.  Focus on what you can do using your strengths and drop the rest.

Need assistance helping find your or your organization’s superpower or putting it to work?  Schedule a call with us, we love to work with heroes.  


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