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Just In! Fight the Fear Factor

October 14th, 2020

What’s hot?

Business leaders say maintaining morale when employees are feeling fearful and insecure is a top leadership challenge.

















So what?      

Uncertainty about the pandemic recovery has raised employees’ fear factor.  Leaders struggle with motivating a diverse workforce faced with multiple stressors and pressure to perform.

What to do?       

  1. Promote “self-care.” Encourage people to take significant work breaks (several hours to ½ to full day) when needed – as opposed to waiting for traditional vacation time. Provide flexibility around work hours rather than being bound by the traditional 9 to 5.
  2. Engage employees at all levels in brainstorming and problem solving.  It provides a sense of control and feelings of worth/significance.
  3. Double or triple performance feedback. Recognize effort and the balancing of priorities. Emphasize progress.
  4. Increase the amount of feedback you seek re: your effectiveness.
  5. Ask people what is the most significant thing you need to do the best job possible?   Report back what can and can’t be done along with the rationale.

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