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Just In! Facilitate Organizational Health – NOW!

September 9th, 2020















What’s hot?      

Just as medical clinics have instituted online appointments to ensure patient health, organizational leaders need to implement practices designed to keep the company healthy.

So what?          

Many employees report that they are more productive working remotely.  However, lack of social connection and attention to team health (more easily addressed when people are on site), can lower organizational resilience, productivity and morale.

What to do?    

One practice that promotes organizational health when working remotely is to have a full-time facilitator to:

  1. Ensure onboarding practices link new employees with colleagues through planned phone/zoom/skype meetings that have clear get acquainted and information exchange guidelines
  2. Plan and facilitate online/phone/video/zoom/etc. transition sessions for newly hired or promoted managers
  3. Design and facilitate online team-building, planning and social events
  4. Help employees deal with conflict or organizational change
  5. Conduct on-going corporate culture assessments
  6. Provide assistance and identify resources to help struggling work units return to health and productivity

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