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Just In! Executive action taking processes may be putting your organization in grave danger

September 23rd, 2020

What’s hot?

Recent research conducted by Take Charge reveals substantive change is at risk because executive processes for decision making, risk taking, and action are stodgy, heavy with detail, and slow moving.











So what?            

As an exec, whether you agree with that statement is NOT the issue.  The people we surveyed believe that senior execs and their teams are not capable of the swift and speedy action needed to innovate their way into the future.

What to do?         

  • Do a sanity check. Ask a couple of truthtellers to be merciless in relating what they think and how they think others view executive decision making, risk taking and action taking.
  • Have a “COVID come to meeting” where you share your candid view of the present, your vision of the future, your concern/hopes, and three BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals) for the immediate future.
  • Then, call us for help with a targeted high-impact strategy session and executive coaching. Book a no-cost strategy call today at

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