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Just In! EI – a Rx for Leaders During the Pandemic

November 11th, 2020

What’s hot?

Emotional intelligence helps both leaders and followers during the COVID-19 Pandemic.













So what?

When leaders effectively manage their own emotions and those of others, they can think more clearly, develop more creative and effective solutions, and motivate others to become more engaged in their shared work*.

What to do?

Three very powerful steps have been proven to help both you and your followers:

  1. Pay attention to your emotions to identify what you are feeling. This shifts your brain from simply reacting to a feeling to connecting your thoughts and feelings so that you better manage your feelings (anger, disappointment, fear, worry, etc.).
  2. Monitor the emotional climate. Listen intently to what others say and how they say it. This can be especially challenging during virtual meetings. Suggestion:  Schedule more one-to-one meetings where you can focus on an individual’s non-verbal cues and where the individual may feel more willing to express emotions.
  3. Use your insights into others’ emotions to help them strategize and plan. Examples: You noted that continual meetings are exhausting. What is that telling you? Do you need to revitalize; if so, how? Or, what would it take to change your meeting schedule?

*Study of 25 outstanding leaders as reported by Oxford Academic, 9-14-20

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